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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

What is Custom Software Development (CSD)?

Custom software development is the process of designing and developing software that is specially drafted for a specific organization or user. Businesses usually prefer CSD in contrast to Commercial-OfThe-Shelf (COTF) softwares that are open source and for the public as they pose many benefits that far overweigh their counterparts. CSD focuses on the creation of new applications and packages or on the upgradation of pre-existing ones.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

CSD is highly beneficial to businesses as it helps improve the company’s management systems by engaging efficient services. Here are five major benefits that Custom Software Development poses to a company.

Targeted Solutions

Any company that enters a highly competitive market is in dire need of products that are extremely focused to the problem that it is looking to solve. Many COTF services are not sufficient to meet management demands and are just unsuitable for them.

The uniqueness of a business is dependent on its problem solving capacity and each project that it undertakes has to be backed up specially customized softwares that are more in tune with their final goal.

It is impossible to find a pre-defined existing product that suits every company’s needs and demands and therefore, CSD is necessary to help improve the core nucleus of the final service that the company is looking to provide.

Improved Scalability

The growth of a business is more often than not accompanied by a profound increase in needs. This growth phase of the company usually oversees changes such as the updation of softwares, increasing of cloud storage data and improvement in the management sectors.

COTF services at the stage, either becomes inefficient to meet the requirements of the company or sometimes, even becomes too expensive and does not meet the financial limits that business has.

Therefore, such services are more suitable during the initial ‘start-up’ phase of the company; however, as the company progresses, it is better to look at CSD as a viable solution for its growing needs. This will ensure that capacity and performance efficiency is not limited by outdated or expensive software.

Software Integration

CSD is a very viable option for redefinition of business processes through the usage pre-existing software which have slightly modified to suit personal needs. This reduces the chances of errors and stoppages in the flow of outputs and this improves productivity of the company. CSD is highly beneficial in these situations as it helps reduce chances of integration issues and is better built to fit into the company’s base design.

COTF products require purchasing of specified licenses that are often unable to be integrated into the already pre-existing hardware the business has. This leads to many problems as it affects the smooth functioning of both the service and the company. Therefore, this requires hardware upgradation that results in a massive budget overload that many companies cannot handle. Special tailor-made software is a highly efficient solution to this problem as it is already highly scalable and this helps it fit into existing company software that doesn’t require any modifications to hardware.

Better Reliability

COTF software is pre built and non-customized. Therefore, many pricing conditions, the platform that is being used, the system technologies that are being implemented and many others are not in the business’s control. Hence, the business is now entirely dependent on the producer of that open source or COTF software and is hard pressed to find other solutions if that software is suddenly unavailable. CSD comes to the rescue here and provides an altogether more peaceful experience for companies as all the aforementioned factors are now entirely in the company’s control.

Why is Customer Software Development important?

As mentioned before, CSD is important as it helps meet unique requirements at lower costs and is better in competing against other softwares in the global market due to its increased efficiency, lower maintenance costs and modifying and scalability power. It improves the overall efficiency of the company and its services, decreases integration costs by high amounts, leads to complete independence of the company from the open source burden if the COTF service provider suddenly withdraws its service and even puts the business at a slight advantage as it gives it freedom to license its customized software at a cost to help other companies utilize the for their needs.

Types of Custom Applications

As a business, there exist various applications that can help organization, simplify tasks and even help in the growth of the company in new areas. Here are some applications that are among the more common ones.

Content Management System

Content Management Systems or CMS’s are more like a staple for many websites. Most of the high ranking websites that exist today are more inclined towards keeping their content updated in the form of new blogs, audio visual content and much more. A highly efficient CMS is what many start-up companies are in need of as up-to-date content is what a an end user and client looks for. This also leads to the company being able to constantly update its website or app content without the need of hiring a developer each time. Depending on business needs, a custom CMS can be made use of, although most start-up companies use pre-existing COTF ones.

Customer Relationship Management

Organizations are initially built on good customer reviews and feedback. This can be taken in and analysed through the usage of a good CRM system. This helps keep track of prospects, customers and referrals that are essential to the company. Again, here, a custom built CRM is more preferred but most use COTF ones.

Business Process Automation System

Most companies are faced with overload during the initial stages of their growth phases. During such situations, companies make use of redundant software that is often inefficient, slow and lead to a lot of customer side errors. This a common hurdle that many have to overcome as it reduces inventory space, affects deployment of resources and also affects the implementation of key functionalities that are essential during those stages. Sometimes, many of these tasks are solved by the introduction of outsourced human labour when it is more that possible to automate such strategies. Custom Software Tools can be made use of in these situations to automate business and thereby eliminate these hurdles, improve processing power and achieve the desired efficiency to meet the company’s vision.

Examples of Customized Software

There exist many customized software solutions that help in improvement of efficacy of businesses. Some examples of such software seen in real life companies are:

Self Service Kiosks

Self service kiosks allow clients to view and browse products and customize their order to better utilize the company’s resources. They themselves require a bespoke software system for their functioning and are an example of multi-integration of many custom softwares working hand in hand.

Streaming Services

These services are among those that are used by us as clients on a daily basis. This satisfies our needs of being able to integrate tasks such as watching movies on multiple platforms or even watching multiple movies on the same platform at the same time. These models greatly improve the scope of the future of the company as they make it accessible and usable by any one and also provide the end clients with an engaging experience.

Voice Recognition

Virtual Assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Home are and will soon become an integral part of every technologically advanced household. The demand for such software has increased multifold in the past few years alone, and give us a very clear glimpse of how the future will look like. Such platforms establish a sense of independence, as advanced voice recognition programs pave way for more advanced biometric analysis systems, call and feedback automation, completion of complex networking and relief tasks and also help in improving overall security.
Hence, through these factors, we can clearly see the benefits and uses of Custom Software Development and how it can impact a company’s use case scenario and efficiency for the better on the long term.


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