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website dark pattern

How Websites trick you with Dark Patterns

Websites are tricking visitors into using the idea of Dark Patterns for years. Sites often use misleading words to make people fall for such tricks but if you as a visitor, can be attentive regarding such gimmicks then you can recoup your information to get tracked.

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software development

Custom Software Development Company as your Companion

To make the business run profitable, having a custom software development firm as your supporter is a must to take care of trending development methodologies, solutions to defeat loopholes, and other factors.

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trends of mobile app

Top Mobile Apps trends of 2021

With the introduction of trending topics, needs, and technologies now and then. The requirement to meet them emerges. One of the best ways is to meet the demand with the comfort of Mobile apps as they are handy and provide a personalized experience. Programmers can play with trends and create amazing Mobile Apps.

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advertising cost-effective

Cost-effective advertising through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing doesn't carry any barrier regarding the size of the business. Not all digital marketing strategies are expensive. If you have a decent budget you can try Content Marketing, SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing.

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business growth

Small Business growth using Social Media Marketing

Being actively present is more than important in today's time but for that, you need to ensure which social media platform(s) is reasonable for your business type. This can be done by researching the platform and knowing its algorithms.

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black hat seo

The Pitfalls and Promises of Black Hat SEO

In February 2006, BMW was caught manipulating search results for the term "used car" by redirecting searchers to the regular BMW company's page. And the result was, the site was completely removed from search results for days.

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Scarcity Cognitive Biasness influence on the buyers

Let us explain this by taking the example of an auction: In auction what happens, when you hear the countdown of closing the sale, the thought which comes to your mind is, "If I won't buy this item now, then maybe I can never have this again"

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10 most dangerous computer viruses

Ever since the creation of the first computer in 1833, humanity has always been curious about the potential that it had to influence the society that was built around it, and today, almost 190 years later, one cannot even imagine life without it.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development in its most basic terminologies is the set of procedures followed to create mobile device supported applications. The user then downloads these applications on various platforms and utilizes them remotely.

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Custom Software Development

Custom software development is the process of designing and developing software that is specially drafted for a specific organization or user. Businesses usually prefer CSD in contrast to Commercial-OfThe-Shelf (COTF) softwares that are open source and for the public as they pose many benefits that far overweigh their counterparts.

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