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Pitfalls and Promises of Black Hat SEO

Pitfalls and Promises of Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is the use of unethical (sometimes, not always, illegal) strategies to promote online business. It promises prompt results and often attains them as well. However, this can cost a business its reputation.
Black hat techniques try to “trick” the search engines by awarding a higher rank—this results in giving users something entirely different from what they want.

Thus, Google, Yahoo, and all the other search engines regularly update their search algorithms to avoid committing a fallacy by the websites using black hat techniques. When they identify an offending website, they remove them from their search results.

Therefore, companies who use black hat marketing can only expect to get short-term results followed by grave repercussions.

In February 2006, BMW was caught manipulating search results for the term "used car" by redirecting searchers to the regular BMW company's page. And the result was, the site was completely removed from search results for days.

SEO is about making your website on the top of search engines. It's not about tricking Google and compromising image later on

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